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Design Services

  • Themed Environments
  • Scenic
  • Graphics
  • Exhibit
  • Wayfinding
  • Lighting Design
  • Costumes & Textiles

Creating visually engaging elements that are used to tell a story is what SRO designers do best. Whether you need something that is historically accurate or you need innovative artistic ideas and interpretations, SRO can help. Whether your project is being built by SRO or another construction company, SRO’s designers will create schematics, color elevations, style guides, and construction drawings you need in a complete, easy to understand design package. We work together to develop your design package in a timely manner, on budget, in a way that exceeds your expectations.

Great scenic design uses beautiful images to tell the writer’s story and reveal the director’s vision. It creates a physical environment that compels dynamic movement from the performers on stage. SRO has the experience, knowledge and artistic ability to articulate the full range of requirements to implement the sets for opera, ballet or theatrical productions. We understand the technical aspects of translating a scenic design from concept to stage, to create practical and beautiful scenery.

Combining technology and art for visual communication is what SRO’s Graphic Designers do daily. SRO’s designers have the experience required to understand your needs and deliver custom solutions from logo development, media design, and themed signage to print media and super graphics.

Sparking the imagination, challenging the visitor, and creating an intriguing learning environment are the objectives of a well designed exhibit. SRO works closely with you to understand your story and realize your goals. We create interactive mechanical, electronic, and digital elements for permanent installations or traveling exhibits.

Creating a guest experience in a physical space, that is also easy to navigate, is the science and art of way-finding. SRO creates way-finding systems tailored to your needs that allows your guests to orient themselves to your location, navigate along the way, and recognize their destination. Instructional signs, architecture, and digital communication become appealing elements that help tell your overall story and reinforce your brand message.

Working with the needs of our clients, SRO Associates' lighting staff will create a dynamic, signature look using the latest equipment, techniques and technology for any event, themed environment or unique presentation. Award-winning lighting designs by our staff have been seen by millions of audience members across the world. Any environment can benefit from a custom lighting design: theme parks, concerts, business meetings, cruise ships, zoological venues, special events even unconventional venues such as combat training facilities. SRO Associates, Inc. is a dealer for Mega Systems, Inc. Through our partnership with Mega Systems, we can provide the latest entertainment technology and custom solutions for a fraction of the cost you will find elsewhere.

SRO’s costume designers can create period costumes for museums or take cues from the written script and director’s vision to create costumes for stage-productions and live entertainment. Costume designing, building, sourcing and wardrobe services are all available through SRO. A renovated rehearsal hall now holds rows of fabrics, threads, and accessories waiting to become your next creation.